Taxes & Fees

  1. Ambulance Service Fee

    The Village of Palatine charges a user service fee for transport by Fire Department ambulances.

  2. Municipal Electric Use Tax

    Municipal Electric Use Tax is imposed upon the privilege of using or consuming electricity acquired in a purchase at retail and used or consumed within the corporate limits of the Village.

  3. Prepared Food & Beverage Tax

    Prepared food and beverage tax is imposed upon the retail purchase of prepared foods and beverages and all alcoholic beverages at any prepared food facility or retail liquor facility within the Village.

  4. Sewer Service Rates

    Read the rates for sewer services in the Village of Palatine.

  5. Tax Rates

    Find the tax rates for sales tax, use taxes, automobile renting taxes and other taxes.

  6. Water Service Rates

    Access the water service rates for residents of the Village of Palatine.