Commuter Parking Permit

If you are interested in applying for a Village of Palatine commuter parking permit please review this information and then visit our permit portal to create an account and request a parking permit.    

General Information

The following will provide some general information on the permit system, guidance as to what information you will need to create an account, and the steps that will be required to complete the permit application and purchase process.  Please note that all permits, and associated payments must be made through the website, thus there is no ability to purchase a permit directly from the Village.

  • The monthly permit fee is $40. The initial permit purchase will be for one month, but the system includes an auto renewal option for Palatine residents.  Once you complete the initial permit payment you will be presented with an option to establish auto renewal.  The permit requests will be processed the month prior to the month for which you wish to purchase a permit. Please note that no refunds will be given once a permit is purchased.
  • There is a limit to the number of permits that will be issued for each of the Village's permit lots. If you do not regularly renew your permit there is a chance that a permit may not be available if permits for a specific lot sell out.
  • Palatine residents will be given priority in purchasing parking permits.  This will be done by verifying each license plate has a valid Village of Palatine vehicle sticker. If you are a Palatine resident, and do not have a current Village vehicle sticker, you must purchase one before creating a permit account or you will not be given priority over non-residents.  
  • When setting up an account you will be able to add multiple license plates to your permit/account. A parking violation will be issued if the number of vehicles parked in the permit spaces exceed the number of permits associated with the corresponding account.
  • Please remember the permit system, and associated enforcement, is based on license plate information. Thus, there will be no hang tags issued and no need to display anything in your vehicle. Once you create your account within the permit system you will be able to update your related information (address, license plate numbers, etc.) accordingly.
  • For those utilizing commuter parking permits, you must park only within those spaces labeled as "Permit Parking."

Steps to Obtain a Parking Permit

The following provides a brief summary of the steps you must complete to purchase a parking permit through the new website:

  1. Visit the permit portal
  2. Create an account: The account identifier can either be an email address or cell phone number (verification codes are sent to the selected account identifier as part of creating and validating an account). To create an account you will need your vehicle license plate number(s).
  3. Request a permit(s): Once a permit is requested it is then forwarded to the Village for review. The Village's review of a permit request may take a couple days, thus please be patient while you await a response. Requests will be reviewed based on the order in which they are received.
  4. Confirmation and payment: If your permit request is approved you will receive an email indicating such and directing you to purchase your permit. As noted previously, if you are a Palatine resident and wish to establish auto renewal, the system will present this as an option once you complete your initial transaction. If your permit request cannot be filled an email will also be sent. If a permit is issued you will be able to manage your account through the website, which includes starting/stopping auto renewal payment, changing credit card information, or managing other account information.

If you have any questions regarding the commuter parking permit system please feel free to contact the Village of Palatine parking hotline at (847) 202-6671.