Signs of Trouble

Although the water system is designed to operate without problems, occasionally a situation may arise which requires attention.

  • If you ever see water bubbling out of the ground or if you notice an unusual amount of water standing in an otherwise dry area, contact the Department of Public Works at 847-705-5200 to report its location. These are indications that there may be a water main break.
  • The Village is responsible for the main water line which runs in front of your home. The service line which runs from the main line to your water meter is the homeowner’s responsibility. If you need to have the water to your home turned off and cannot turn it off at the meter, call us and we will send a Water Division employee to turn the water off at the house service line in the parkway.
  • Water pressure is always kept at an even level. If you have a problem with an individual faucet, it is probably due to a clogged sieve in the faucet itself. If you are experiencing water pressure problems throughout the house, call us. We will send a technician to inspect your water meter and to help you identify the source of the problem.