Refuse, Yard Waste & Recycling Program

  1. Bulk Items

    Find examples of bulk items and what guidelines to follow.

  2. Collection Schedule

    See when collections occur and what may cause delays during pickup.

  3. Construction / Remodeling Refuse

    Find more information about construction and remodeling refuse including how much will be picked up and what won't be picked up.

  4. Curbside Service

    Learn more about curbside refuse and recycling service including how to set up an account and how much waste can be picked up.

  5. Refuse Cart Rental Program

    Learn more about the Refuse Cart Rental Program including where to rent a cart and how to order one.

  6. Special Pick-Ups

    Find out what is considered a special pick-up and who to contact in order to coordinate the collection.

  7. Unacceptable Materials

    See what will not be picked up as part of the refuse, yard waste, and recycling program.

  8. Yard Waste

    Learn more about what is considered yard waste and when it is picked up during the year.