Basic Applications

There are six basic applications which get processed through the Village of Palatine’s Planning and Zoning Department. To find out if your project requires any of the following requests, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 847-359-9047 or review Palatine’s Zoning Ordinance.

  1. Application Process

    Understand the steps in submitting an application.

  2. Preliminary & Final Planned Development

    A Planned Development is a land development project, comprehensively planned as an entity via a unitary site plan which permits flexibility in building, mixture of housing types and land uses, usable open spaces and the preservation of natural features.

  3. Preliminary & Final Plat of Subdivision

    A map of plan of a proposed subdivision and refers to the plat and supporting documents required for preliminary and final approval of a proposed plat of subdivision. These requests are processed through the Plan Commission.

  4. Rezoning Application

    Rezoning of a parcel or multiple parcels of land includes changing that land to be categorized as a different zoning classification.

  5. Special Use Transfers

    Special Use Transfers are required for a business that has an existing special use and is selling or transferring ownership of a particular business to another individual, partnership or company. These requests are processed through the Zoning Board of Appeals.

  6. Special Uses Application

    A Special Use is permission granted by the Village Council, with recommendations given by Village Staff and the Zoning Board of Appeals for use of property in a way not ordinarily permitted in a given zoning district classification.

  7. Variations

    A Variation is a grant of relief by the Village Council, with recommendations given by the Village Staff and Zoning Board of Appeals, from specific limitations of the zoning ordinance with reference to a structure to be constructed or modified on a given zoning lot or parcel of land.