Court Diversion Envelopes

A ticket marked "YOU MUST MAIL" or "NO COURT APPEARANCE IS REQUIRED" is issued for a violation that does not require a court appearance and is punishable by fine only.

You must choose one of the following three options:
  • Option A: Plead guilty, pay the fine and receive a conviction
  • Option B: Plead guilty, pay the fine, attend Traffic Safety School and avoid receiving a conviction
  • Option C: Plead not guilty and request a court date
You must notify the Clerk of the Circuit Court of your decision by mail within seven days of receiving the ticket. Instructions concerning the available options are contained in the packet you receive from the officer.

Please read Options A, B and C carefully before making your decision.

  1. Option A
  2. Option B
  3. Option C

Option A: Plead Guilty and Do Not Appear in Court

Pay a $164 fine, unless the ticket is for:

  • Speeding 21 to 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, then pay $164; or
  • Failure to wear seat belt, then pay $164.

Selection of this option generally results in a conviction which is reported to the Illinois Secretary of State for entry on your public driving record. The following violations, however, will not result in either a report to the Illinois Secretary of State, or if reported, will not result in a chargeable violation (which counts toward a driver’s license suspension) being entered on your driving record:

  • Obstruction of traffic
  • Unattended vehicle
  • No headlights, when required
  • Operating a commercial vehicle on a boulevard or Lake Shore Drive
  • Failure to display state registration plates or city sticker
  • Violating a funeral procession
  • Opening a vehicle door in traffic
  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Following a fire apparatus too closely