Patrol Division

The PalaPolice Headquarters With Dual Squadstine Police Department’s Field Operations Division takes pride in being able to assist the public by various means. Each subsection of this division is unique in its own way and brings a level of balance to the overall goal of preventing, investigating and solving crime. The patrol division of the police department serves the residents through daily patrol, traffic enforcement, response to 911 calls and attendance at meetings, neighborhood watch groups, school functions, block parties and village sponsored events. Patrol is an all-encompassing division of highly trained officers and supervisory staff that work as a team to combat crime and maintain peace and order.

Members of Patrol Division

Patrol is comprised of 4 commanders, 7 sergeants, 67 patrol officers, 3 traffic enforcement officers and 7 community service officers. 

Patrol is divided into 3 shifts to provide 24 hour service to Palatine residents. Each shift, through the Neighborhood Based Police philosophy, contains officers assigned to work the same beat on a daily basis. This allows the officer to gain personal knowledge of the daily occurrences in their beat and Palatine Police Department has proven to be a pioneer of this concept and has been implementing its principles since 1991. These officers patrol their beats, handle police calls for service, enforce traffic laws, provide traffic direction and participate in beat related events (races, parades, block parties, street fest). Among these officers, many are trained in specific areas to further assist the police department’s daily responsibilities. 

Select officers are trained as:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Child safety seat inspector
  • Crime scene technician
  • Field training (training new officers)
  • K9 Officer
  • Police bike patrol

Traffic Enforcement

The traffic enforcement officers serve two main functions. There are 2 officers who specifically target traffic problems in the village as well as intersections with a higher number of vehicle crashes to ensure everyone on the road safely reaches their destination. There is also 1 truck enforcement officer who monitors the trucks traveling in and out of the village to ensure they are properly registered and not carrying loads that exceed their limits.Palatine Police Fleet

Community Service Officers

The community service officers aid the patrol division with daily activities such as traffic direction, road blocks, minor reports and parking complaints. One community service officer is specially trained as an animal warden who can assist with most animal complaints, lost pets, strays and wildlife rescue.


In addition to various specialty areas, all sworn personnel participate in training throughout the year with their respective beat members. While some of the training is law review and its application in patrol, there is also training that prepares officers to deal with more intense situations and/or confrontations. The tactical training provided "in-house" is comprised of four structured days of hands on, scenario based training that enables officers to respond and deal more effectively with the calls for service they face each day. While the calls that require this type of training may be rare in Palatine, officers pride themselves on being well prepared and ready to serve the public whenever called upon.

Protecting the Citizens of PalatinePalatine Police Patch

While each of these members of patrol operates separately they all work cohesively to ensure that the village is protected and each person goes home safely at the end of their shift. Their dedication to their jobs is further enhanced by the support of Palatine’s citizens and businesses. A community is defined by its collective units and the patrol division of the Palatine Police Department is proud to be a part of it.