Plastic Number 6 PS

Polystyrene should not be placed in your recycling cart. It comes in expanded (fluffy) and rigid (clear) forms. Examples of polystyrene include:

  • CD and cassette cases
  • Disposable cups
  • Food containers
  • Packing foam/peanuts
  • Plastic tableware

According to industry experts, Number 6 PS plastic is not easily recycled because it is mostly air, often coated with food contaminants and can cost more than other commodities to recycle due to its lightweight nature, lack of competitive markets and high transportation costs.

*For resources on polystyrene recycling, refer to the section titled Green Pages.

Plastic Bags & Film

Plastic bags and film should not be placed in your recycling cart. The thin plastic can become tangled in the sorting machines at the recycling facility. Film includes wrapping from toilet paper, newspaper bags, bread bags, sandwich bags. Many local grocery stores and retailers have drop off boxes conveniently located for recycling plastic bags and film.