Juvenile Firesetter Intervention

The Palatine Fire Department has juvenile firesetter interventionists who will meet with youths who have experienced destructive fire related behavioral issues.  Please contact our office at 847-202-6340 with requests for more information about this program.

Straight Talk: Working Together to Address the Community Issue of Youth Fire Misuse

A family-oriented program targeting youth 8 - 17 who exhibit behaviors associated with the misuse of fire (playing with matches or lighters, using accelerants, firesetting, fireworks, bottle bombs, arson, etc.). It is also for youth who have observed others playing with fire or who are at risk for experimentation. Youth and their families receive interactive education and techniques to promote a safe home environment and prevent injuries. Straight Talk is provided to families free of charge. Link to Straight Talk


Michigan Trauma Burn Center: Education/Prevention

Straight Talk Brochure