Station 83

Station 83

Station 83 was built in 2003, and is located within a stone’s throw of Illinois Route 53, and for good reason. Formerly known as Station 20, this station responds to a large majority of the incidents that occur on this main thoroughfare, due to its close proximity and easy access to the roadway heading either direction. Staffed by a Lieutenant and 4 Firefighter / Paramedics, Ambulance and Quint 83 are frequently responding to car accidents on Route 53, emergency medical responses to nearby residential mid-rises, and calls on a long stretch of Northwest Highway as part of their district. Reserve Quint 83 is housed at this station as a replacement vehicle if one of the fire department’s other aerials needs repair, or if there is a large incident that occurs within Palatine. In such an event, off-duty firefighters will respond from home and staff the unit to help cover the additional call volume that may occur throughout Palatine.


  1. Engine 83
  2. Ambulance 83
  3. Reserve Quint


Engine 83 is a 2020 Pierce Enforcer with a 1,500 gallons per minute pump and a 750 gallons water tank. It carries over 2,000 feet of hose, ranging in sizes from 1.5 inch to 4 inch. It has a Deck Gun that is capable of flowing 1000 gallons per minute. It is equipped with Advanced Life Support medical gear. It carries a 2000 watt portable generator. It has 28 and 14 foot ground ladders, as well as various hand tools and scene lighting.

Station 83 With Apparatus