Station 84

Station 84With a remodel completed in 2008, this station offers many amenities for the public as well as the 5 personnel (one Lieutenant and four Firefighter / Paramedics) who staff it daily. Frequently known as the station where we hold our "Fifth Grade Program" for Palatine grade school students, this station has our 3 story training tower as well as an extra 2 story garage that houses additional vehicles. During the addition, the station was essentially doubled in size, adding a complete new wing east of the bay floor. This allowed for new meeting and training rooms, a larger fitness room for the health of our firefighters, and new living quarters for the on-duty staff.

Training Division

Training FacilityFormerly referred to as Station 17, this station is the home of our training facility. It features a 3-story drill tower with a roof that has removable panels that can be cut for ventilation training. The tower is used by firefighters to practice hose advancement, ladder placement, rescue operations, and other skills. There is also a drafting pit that allows us to recycle water while practicing pump skills. Additionally, the station features a large classroom that is equipped with a video conference system. Purchased with a federal grant, this system allows us to conduct briefings and classroom training with all members being able to stay at their own stations. This improves response times by allowing companies to stay available in their own districts and saves money by allowing an instructor to conduct a class once instead of several times per day. Our Division Chief of Training also has his office here at Station 84.


  1. Engine 84
  2. Ambulance 84
  3. Dive 84
  4. Boat 84
  5. Reserve Command Vehicle
  6. Rehab 84

E84Engine 84 is a 2007 Crimson/Spartan Diamond pumper with a 1,500 gallon per minute pump, a 750 gallon water tank and over 2,000 feet of fire hose, ranging from 1.5 inch to 4 inch sizes. It is equipped with Advanced Life Support medical gear. It also has an 8000 watt PTO generator and flood lights, 28 foot and 14 foot ground ladders, a pre-piped deck gun capable of flowing 1,000 gallons per minute, a Thermal Imaging Camera, and a selection of hand tools.

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