Forestry Division

Trees are one of our community's most important assets. They provide a sense of grace and charm, adding color in the fall, shade in the summer, and enhancing property values all year long. Trees also provide very important functions in cleaning the air we breath and cooling the Village we live in during the hot summer months with their shady canopy.

The Village of Palatine takes great pride in its trees and its designation as a "Tree City USA". Caring for the more than 25,000 parkway trees which line our streets and boulevards is the responsibility of the Forestry Division in the Department of Public Works. Most of the arborists who work in the Forestry Division have obtained certification and all attend seminars and training sessions to stay current with the new research in tree care.


Our Forestry Division maintains our urban forest for the Village. We are involved in planting, trimming, and removal of all parkway trees and the spraying and fertilizing of the trees and bushes around town. Many hours are spent planting the flowers beds and planters around our town and then maintaining them through the summer months. Forestry crews install all the banners in town, changing them with each season. Adopt-A-Highway requests are handled through our Forestry Division and crews assist organizations with their cleaning of designated areas. Forestry members assist the Beautification Commission with all aspects of the Beautification Programs and decorations for the holiday seasons. The Forestry Team also plans and implements Landscape Improvement Projects throughout the Village.

Basswood Tree