Parkway Tree Removal

The Forestry Division only removes parkway trees when they have been determined by the certified arborists in the Division to be dead, declining, or hazardous. If your tree has been removed, the following information may be of some help.

Why We Remove Trees

The Forestry Division has the responsibility to ensure the long-term health and safety of the Village’s urban forest. Dead, hazardous, diseased, structurally unsound, and declining trees present potential safety problems to Village residents.

Removal Procedure

The Forestry Division’s certified arborists are continually monitoring for diseased, declining, or dead trees. Trees that cannot be saved are put on a removal list and removed as soon as possible. Some pests and diseases may cause defoliation, making the tree appear to be dead, and it becomes necessary to treat these trees for insects or diseases. Every effort is made to preserve our urban forest. However, sometimes nothing can be done to save the tree and it is in the Village’s best interest to remove and replace it.

Stump Removal

Once a tree is cut down, the remaining stump will be placed on our stump removal list. When enough stumps are accumulated, Forestry crews will grind out the stumps, remove the grindings, and re-seed and topsoil the parkway where the stump was located. Stumps are removed in the spring and fall when grass seed will germinate and grow. Removing all accumulated stumps at one time is the most efficient use of our resources and your tax dollars.

The Village replaces the removed parkway trees, provided there is sufficient space for a new tree to grow. Residents may select the tree of their choice from the Parkway Tree Replacement Brochure, which is released twice each year in the spring and fall. The Village will make every effort to accommodate these requests. There is also the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program for planting additional trees in the parkway. If a homeowner has no preference in the replacement tree, the Forestry Division will pick a species suitable to your neighborhood and the size of your parkway. Please call Public Works at (847) 705-5200 to request a copy of the Tree Replacement Brochure.