Sidewalk Replacement Program

Over the years, repeated concerns were raised regarding the safety of the Village’s sidewalk system. In particular were sidewalk tripping hazards in the older parts of town. To address these concerns, the Village provided two options to eliminate these hazards. The first step was to repair the tripping hazard by using asphalt patch material or by grinding the sidewalk to provide a smooth surface. This step was always taken whenever a tripping hazard was reported. Unfortunately, too often this approach left the resident dissatisfied with both the repair and the general appearance of their sidewalk. To address the concern of appearance, the Village developed a 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program designed to replace the asphalt-repaired sidewalk as well as any other defects that could raise a safety issue. Under this program, the cost of replacing the sidewalk was shared evenly between the resident and the Village.

In reviewing the history of sidewalk complaints received over the years, it was noted that a majority of the complaints pertained to tripping hazards caused by a vertical displacement. Clearly, the number one concern in the community, at this time, is to eliminate vertical displacements that could result in tripping. In response, the Village Council appropriated $250,000 in 2001 as a first step towards implementing a program designed to repair all sidewalks in the Village that posed a tripping hazard. The design of this program is such that the worst tripping hazards throughout the Village were addressed first.


Based upon the extent of the sidewalk problem, the criteria in place to identify tripping hazards, as well as the funding level provided, the Sidewalk Replacement Program has the following parameters:

The Village has been divided into nine areas that will be inspected once every nine years. View the sidewalk replacement map (PDF).

  • The initial inspection of each area will focus on vertical displacements of 3/4 inch or greater.
  • If replacement of sidewalk is required due to vertical displacement, adjacent sidewalk will also be inspected based on other replacement criteria.
  • All asphalt-repaired sidewalks will be replaced as part of this program.
  • All costs associated with the replacement of these sidewalks will be the sole responsibility of the Village.

Relationship to 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

Although the Sidewalk Replacement Program is designed to identify and replace hazardous sidewalks throughout the community, there will still be a need to maintain the existing 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program. Tripping hazards in those neighborhoods not scheduled for inspection and repair will still need to be addressed. Therefore, the existing repair program will remain in place (asphalt patching or grinding to eliminate the hazard). Once completed, the resident will have the option of participating in the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program or waiting until these asphalt-repaired sidewalks are within the Sidewalk Replacement Program area for that year.

It is anticipated that at some future date, the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program could be phased out. This would occur when the quantity of sidewalk needing replacement falls to a level thereby allowing all sidewalk requests to be included as part of the Sidewalk Replacement Program for any given year. However, until such time, the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program will remain in place in order to provide Village residents the greatest amount of service and safety.

Report a Sidewalk Issue

To report a sidewalk issue, please call the Department of Public Works at (847) 705-5200.