Pre-Submittal Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 virus, The Building Department has suspended the pre-submittal meeting requirements. 

Please see each menu bar on the left for submittal procedures and requirements. 

Please understand that we are currently following the CDC guidelines for social distancing and request that you do the same. 

We will review your project as efficiently as possible. We appreciate your understanding. 

The time to schedule a Pre-Submittal meeting is when you are ready to submit for a permit. The Permit Control Coordinator will review the required drawings/specifications and permit application to determine if they meet the requirements needed for permit submittal. If the drawings/specifications and application meet the requirements, the application will be accepted for review. If the drawings/specifications and application are not complete, a list of required items for the permit submittal will be provided to you. A new appointment may be required based on the missing items.

Please refer to the Residential Submittal Requirements (PDF) or the Commercial/Multi-Family Submittal Requirements (PDF) for detailed information about what is required to submit for a building permit.

Required Meeting Attendance

Required to Attend a Pre-Submittal Meeting prior to applying for a building permit

  • Basement Build-outs
  • Commercial Projects-All
  • Converting a Garage to Living Space
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
  • New Garage
  • New Single Family/Multi-Family
  • Residential Additions/Alterations


Exempt from Pre-Submittal Meeting

  • Commercial paving projects
  • Express Permits
  • Multi-Family or Commercial Roofs
  • Residential drainage projects
  • Signs
  • Residential Window enlargements
  • Residential Solar Panel installations
  • Residential EV charging stations

Please contact Mary May at 847-359-9042 for more specific information about the Pre-Submittal Meeting